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If John McCain Wants to Improve His Ratings……

He must address the economy and convince people that the current problems we are facing are a combination of many wrong choices by both parties.  The solution is not to re-distribute taxes, make new promises, or tell everyone they can keep their homes when the fundamental government system is broke.  No matter what side you sit on, if politicians are corrupt, blind, or ignore obvious signals due to fear, no system will work to the expectations we want. 

The solution is to fix the problems in Washington that are inherent in both parties and develop strategies and that protect the health and stability of our economy and citizens.  I would like to see McCain say that (Or Obama for that matter).  I only choose McCain because he is behind in the polls right now for what I believe people fear as another Bush administration.  If McCain is not Bush, then people are making a choice based on fear which is not correct.  To pick the right candidate, you have to understand what and who they bring to the White House.

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Loony Jane

Just trying to figure out the facts so that we can make real progress to help solve our tough problems.





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