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Disabled workers at 10 year low

Disabled workers at 10 year low
Something you will not see mentioned by CNN or MSNBC, disabled workers at the lowest they have been in the last ten years!

Even the NY Times could not hide this fact:

The rise in the number of Americans not working because of disability was so persistent for two decades that some economists began to hypothesize that the trend would never reverse.

But perhaps it has. Since a peak almost four years ago, that number has steadily fallen, showing its largest decline — both in terms of head count and percentage — in at least the last 25 years. It’s good news, but it also raises important questions about how much further the labor market has to heal.

They also say:

A seemingly inexorable economic trend has changed direction in the past few years, as people who cited health reasons for not working are returning to the labor force.

No new programs, no welfare, no government assistance, no new tax on the wealthy.  A strong economy and confidence have helped all, including some of the most vulnerable!


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