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Better than the Green New Deal

We all have those late nights when you are just looking for entertainment and then some intriguing video or news story pops up that you have to click.  That happened the other night, I was searching for something I don’t remember, but in the related videos was a “dumpster diving” video.  Intrigued, I clicked and was amazed.  I did a very simple search and found dozens of videos all about people going into a dumpster to get food, clothes, electronics, and everything else thrown away because the items were slightly worn, expired, or damaged.

This is just one video to show you what one store threw out.  Others you will find clothes that are fine, shoes, furniture, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and any other items sold at local stores.  The problem of dumpster diving is so bad for Walmart they typically have large compactors in their stores to smash the usable items before thrown away.  Shoe stores cut shoes in half, clothing stores shred clothes, and other stores simply lock the dumpsters.

Unfourtantly, rules and regulations brought on by lawsuits and politicians have made it too difficult for stores to simply donate the usable items to a better cause.  Sure, some stuff has to be thrown away due to recalls, but expired chips don’t.  The expiration dates on food are so safe that a lot of food is still fine days or weeks after the use by date.  As for clothes and discontinued items, there is no excuse.

We can do better

 I would be willing to bet, the amount of food, clothes, and office supplies that are thrown away each week if re-purposed would feed, cloth, and supply our most at need Americans far more than any new government program could ever accomplish.  The best part is, there would be very little to no cost.

We spend to much time on nonsense

I always question any politician that proposes some giant new system that claims to solve so many problems when a few common sense changes to current conditions could do so much more.  The Green New Deal risks tearing the economy apart and permanently changing how government interacts with the citizens for benefits that are virtually impossible to achieve while we will do nothing to solve the waste of millions of pounds of food and durables that pollute our environment, take energy to produce, and cut down our trees.

What could networks like CNN and MSNBC do?

Imagine what a difference would be made today if networks like CNN and MSNBC switched from the 24/7 we hate trump broadcast to actually looking into some things that could change lives and the environment for the better.  Same holds for Fox.  If anyone of those networks parked trucks at Wallmart (like they do for Trump’s twitter account) and day after day took the food waste headline and re-worded a thousand times as they do for the Russian Collusion, do you think Wallmart or any other large retailer would change their way?  I think they would, and instantly you would impact thousands of lives for the better.  No cost, no new taxes, no political pushback. 

We Need Common Sense

When something that is so obvious and so easy to fix through legislation or media pressure, I begin to wonder why they would chase something that would ultimately have less impact and greatly reduce the wealth of our nation.  All I can think of is a grab for power and to control the way you live, but hey maybe I am wrong.  We can solve the problems we have as a nation with common sense.  Just takes someone with the courage to do it.




About The Author

Loony Jane

Just trying to figure out the facts so that we can make real progress to help solve our tough problems.





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