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It seems that our politics have been hijacked by extreme opinions that are set on nothing more than making noise.  The dynamics are becoming more like what we see on the school yard, basically no facts with name calling and mob rule.

If we truly want to fix things and make our country better, we have to have stable and intelligent debates with facts supporting them.  No issue is going to be easy and often the best solution is one that has a bit of pain for either side.

Who is the liberal loony?  The liberal loony is a collection of peoples thoughts focused into one voice.  That voice will try to give facts so that you can make an intelligent analysis of some topic or debate.  We write our posts out of passion to seek a better solution for everyone.


Your Support Helps Us Continue

We do this out of our passion to try to find real solutions.  We don’t make money, and what is raised is put back into this effort.  We want to filter the loonies, get the facts, and have a good debate.  When we don’t fear the other side, we can engage, have compassion, state a case, and find good solutions.

We can only do that together by calling out the people that spread hate and lies by not giving them a platform.Lets work together to eliminate the hate and lies!  Your support helps, no matter how large or small!

Thank You!

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