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Obama Win Good for Country Unity!

This election will be one of the most memorable in the history of the United States. With the closing of the polls the United States elected someone representing hope and unity. Policy and politics aside, that is something the country needs.

As I watched the acceptance speech by Obama, the whole feeling from the broadcast to the music, to the comments after the speech, I could not help but see a difference from everyone. Something not seen or felt in the past elections of Bush, Clinton, and Bush. That feeling was that the people felt they had a victory. They felt that there are no longer any barriers. They felt that if you try, you can succeed and become whatever you want. To overwhelmingly create these feelings to more than 50% of the country is truly a remarkable task.

Whether you agree or dis-agree with the policies Obama has built his foundation on, you can not take away the importance of making the country feel united. After all we are the United States of America. The great thing, even the harshest of critics see this and have not attempted to diminish it.

Policy aside, Obama has given a feeling of hope. Perhaps that will lead to a change in the people.

With such a grand entrance, he will have a lot to live up to. Can he succeed? I truly hope so.

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Loony Jane

Just trying to figure out the facts so that we can make real progress to help solve our tough problems.





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