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Did You Ever Want to Know the Top 10 Lobbying Groups?

Did You Ever Want to Know the Top 10 Lobbying Groups?

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Every year millions of dollars are contributed to Washington that influence what our policy makers do. What people don’t understand, is that no matter how much money is contributed, you can make a difference, but you need the knowledge and understanding to what these companies/groups are pushing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes indifferent, but to let them control policy is wrong. It can be changed, but only with your action. Here is the top 10 list of who you can start to watch (data 1989-2008 courtesy

#10: Carpenters & Joiners Union. Contributions totaling $25,745,082 (89% D 9% R).

#9: Service Employees International Union. Contributions totaling $26,562,163 (95% D 3% R).

#8: Laborers Union: Contributions totaling $26,708,339 (91% D 7% R).

#7: National Eduction Assn.: Contributions totaling $28,153,159 (93% D 6% R).

#6: Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: Contributions totaling $28,480,884 (97% D 2% R).

#5: American Assn. for Justice: Contributions totaling $29,160,889 (90% D 9% R).

#4: Goldman Sachs: Contributions totaling $29,322,212 (63% D 36% R).

#3: National Assn. of Realtors: Contributions totaling $32,879,706 (47% D 52% R).

#2: AT&T: Contributions totaling $39,502,961 (43% D 56% R).

and for the top contributor:

#1: American Fedn. of State, County & Municipal Employees: Contributions totaling $39,632,103 (98% D 1% R).

There you have it. You ever wonder why policy favors labor unions? How about one company as the second largest contributor? Perhaps you can understand why telecommunications in the US favor the likes of ATT, Verizon, or any other LEC.

Some other notables but not in the top 10:

Altria #18 at $23,235,441 (27% D 72% R), Microsoft Corp # 30 at $17,839,166 (50% D 49% R), National Auto Dealers Assn #19 at $22,579,892 (31% D 68% R), Chevron #69 at $10,105,996 (25% D 74% R).

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