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A Little Bit About The 5Th Review

So you ask what is the 5th review all about? That is a good question. I wish I could answer that with clarity, but only time will tell what topics will find their way here. I suppose we can start with what it is not.

-It is not just conservative.

-It is not Just Liberal.

-It is not about easy answers.

-It is not about reporting fluff.

We live in a great country that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, to be free, and to live a wonderful life. Part of that freedom, however, is the responsibility of each person to due their part to make sure that our leaders have the best interest in heart.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It seems to me, that the line in today’s politics has crossed, double crossed, and blurred beyond recognition and yet we still hold to the old ideals of the two parties and make choices because of it. As a result, we can’t identify accountability, we can’t make progress, and we can’t do things efficient.

We need to rely on education, personal responsibility, and actions so that we can fix these problems and weed out the individuals that do not do their jobs. Fight policies that don’t make sense. And hold agencies, individuals, and parties responsible for their actions (good or bad).

Most importantly, we need to interpret what our lawmakers are doing in a way that is interesting, easily understood, and condensed so that more people can take action.

That is the goal, lets see how where it goes from here!

About The Author

Loony Jane

Just trying to figure out the facts so that we can make real progress to help solve our tough problems.





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