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Have you read the Stimulus Bill H.R.1?

I have read and talked to a lot of people regarding the stimulus and one thing seems in common. Very few have looked at the details of what is being proposed. I don’t see how you can have an opinion either way if you don’t at least read the top level sections of the Stimulus.  You can read it here.

The bill is now up to 1,588 pages and $850B. This is up from 320 pages and $700B. What is in the extra 1,200 pages?

I would like to remind all to keep in perspective a few things.

1. In the debates between Obama and McCain, Obama argued many times that one of the first things he was going to do is go through every program and eliminate waste and outdated programs.

2. One of the biggest complaints about the Bush administration was the enormous spending without controls.

This bill does not achieve Obama’s stated plan and it continues the policies that Bush set forth.  Sure it is different groups, but the concept is the same, massive spending without controls.

I think it is time to put our party sides away and as responsible Americans look at what this bill is proposing and object to our congressmen the junk. It is also time for us to demand the cuts that should accompany a bill of this nature promised by Obama.   A combination of spending + cuts goes much better than a new spending bill on top of an already overspent federal government.

Just because Obama is a democrat, does not mean you have to agree with a bill being rushed through without proper considerations. Nor should anyone form an opinion on whether this will work or not with out at least knowing some of the things this bill does.

We wanted change, but a bill of this nature is not change. It is a giant collection for every congressman’s pet project (democrats and republicans alike) that may or may not help our economy. If we want to fix this economy, we have to put a leash on our representatives and pass through things that help, not things that help get some person or group re-elected.

We also should not subscribe to the doom. It is bad, there is no doubt, but that is not an excuse to exercise poor judgment. I urge all to read the package as much as possible and send objections to your representative.

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Loony Jane

Just trying to figure out the facts so that we can make real progress to help solve our tough problems.





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